But I Thought Asbestos Was Banned?

Here is a list (there are others) of ASBESTOS CONTAINING products/materials that are not banned and are legal to manufacture, import, sell, trade or use in commerce.

  • Cement corrugated sheet
  • Cement flat sheet
  • Clothing
  • Pipeline wrap
  • Roofing felt
  • Vinyl floor tile
  • Cement shingle
  • Millboard
  • Cement pipe
  • Automatic transmission components
  • Clutch facings
  • Friction materials
  • Disk brake pads
  • Drum brake linings
  • Brake blocks
  • Gaskets
  • Non-roofing coatings
  • Roof coatings

This is why it is important to use caution and to consult with an expert prior to disturbing certain materials as part of a remodel or demolition project. For more information from the USEPA visit this link.