Third Hand Smoke – What is it? Are you at risk?

It’s safe to say that most people are familiar with the terms “first-hand” and “second-hand” smoke… BUT, what about “third hand” smoke? What is it and what are the health risks associated with exposure to it?

Ever been to someone’s home (or a public place where smoking was permitted) who smoked but wasn’t currently smoking, yet their house still reeked of tobacco smoke? Or maybe you rent or purchased a home previously occupied by a smoker and the smell still lingers.

These are prime examples of third-hand smoke exposure. That smell you’re smelling (and taking into your body) are the chemical gasses (and sometimes the associated particulates) left behind by the tobacco products being used, which get embedded in (and deposited on) structural materials and fabrics that are then emitted into the environment through evaporation.

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Carity IAQ Solutions will inspect and sample an indoor environment for the chemical hazards associated with third-hand smoke situations and put you in contact with professionals who will decontaminate a property efficiently and effectively.