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We provide a mold inspection Mesa residents can count on. Our mold inspection and testing process is the most thorough in the business. Utilizing the industry’s latest technology, we’ll leave no stones unturned when looking for fungi in your property. We have 12 plus years of experience providing mold inspection and testing services in Mesa for both residential and commercial properties.

One thing setting our mold services apart from other companies is we don’t offer mold removal or air duct cleaning services. Furthermore, we don’t sell air purifiers (though we recommend them). You can be confident you’re getting 100% conflict of interest free answers, recommendations, and services.

Board Certified Indoor Environmentalist

Mold Inspection

A mold inspection Mesa residents expect is one that provides answers to the questions and concerns they have. There’s often a symptom attached to a request for such an inspection. As professional mold inspectors, it’s our job to find the cause of the situation. Sometimes a mold inspection concludes it’s not mold causing the symptoms. Typically, if there’s a mold problem we’ll find it! Our mold inspection methods include the latest technology to aid in our assessments. Such technology includes thermal imaging, laser particle scanning, digital borescopes, and more.

Mold Testing Mesa, AZOne misconception people have about the Phoenix metro area is, that because it’s mostly hot and dry there’s no mold problems. We commonly hear people say, “I don’t need a mold inspection Mesa, AZ is hot and dry.” While they’re right about the hot and dry part, they miss the mark about mold not being a problem in Mesa.

How Mold Becomes a Problem…

Mold is a natural part of the environment. This means mold is already present indoors and out. Mold only needs a few things to grow:

  • Organic food source: Drywall (gypsum and paper backing), wood framing, wood flooring, wood cabinets, etc.
  • Moisture: Plumbing malfunctions (leaking pipes, overflows, etc.), water heaters malfunctions, roof leaks, poor bathroom ventilation, etc.
  • Air and Time: Air is a given… and time is needed as part of the germination, sporulation, and colonization process. This is why it’s critical to repair leaks immediately and to promptly and thoroughly dry wet structural materials.

The most important thing to know is that, under the right circumstances, your property is the perfect place for a mold problem.

Other contributing factors are a dark environment (wall cavities and under cabinets) and heat (hmmm… Mesa is hot). The mold inspection Mesa home owners contract us for is generally one relating to a water leak of some sort. This is why the “inspection” portion of our service is very important if not the most important part. During our inspection we look for signs of water intrusion (staining, swelling, buckling, rusting, bubbling, actual visual mold growth, etc.) and measure those areas for moisture content. When measuring for moisture we use tools such as thermal imaging, digital moisture meters, and thermohygrometers.

Mold Testing

Sometimes the inspection just isn’t enough. Sometimes mold testing is needed to get a more clear picture of what’s going on in the indoor environment. The kind of mold testing Mesa property owners and renters are familiar with is air and surface sampling. Testing the air for mold however does have it’s limitations. This is why having a board certified mold inspector on your side is beneficial. Furthermore, when you contract us for your mold inspection needs you get 100% conflict of interest free (we don’t sell products or remediation services) services from a company located in Mesa Arizona. This means you can contract worry free and contract local! Additionally, we’re fully insured, board certified and members of the Indoor Air Quality Association.

Board Certified, Insured, and Located in Mesa, AZ

We take great pride and joy in helping occupants and property owners identify accurate situations and provide solutions to mold issues should there be an issue. What’s more is we can also provide a full scope of work and protocol for a remediation contractor to follow as well as provide the project oversight (to ensure it’s going correctly) and post remediation clearance.Board Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant

If you’ve got concerns about mold in your home or property, we’d be privileged to help you out. We offer a free phone consultation with a board certified indoor environmental consultant as a preface to narrowing down an accurate solution for your situation. Remember, the mold inspection Mesa Arizona residents deserve is an accurate and affordable one without the worry of a conflict of interest and this is exactly what we provide.

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