Inspecting your home for mold and what to expect – Chandler AZ

Mold Testing in Chandler Arizona

Even though Chandler Arizona is a hot and dry place, mold is a common problem in homes and business, and the need for mold testing is ever increasing. Mold is a natural part of the Arizona environment and thus is found inside and out at all times. Mold is both useful and not so useful. On one hand, it helps breakdown organic matter. Some species of mold are even used to create medicines. On the other hand, when found growing indoors in abundance, it can cause major structural damage and can even cause adverse health problems. This is why mold testing in Chandler is in high demand.

One of the main things that cause mold problems in Chandler homes and businesses is when water leaks inside a property and goes unnoticed for a long time or is not dealt with correctly. Drywall, certain types of flooring, baseboards, and cabinetry are a few of the main household materials that mold will thrive on if left wet for an extended period of time. High humidity from poor ventilation (mostly in bathrooms) or swamp-cooled buildings can also create a mold problem.

Mold basically needs three things to survive; namely air, moisture, and an organic food source. Each of these elements is found to some extent in all Chandler homes and businesses. It’s just a matter of time before the inevitable happens.

Mold Testing by Certified Professionals

Now that we know mold is definitely a possible threat to those living in Chandler, the need for mold testing becomes more of a consideration.

Mold testing can be a very beneficial service. Consider buying a home. Many homes experience water damage that never gets reported and only is fixed cosmetically. With out a mold inspection and mold testing services you could be buying a potential health hazard and placing yourself as well as others at risk.

Mold testing can also help identify a mold problem that you may not even know you have. There are many who’ve had a musty smell in their home or have been experiencing allergy like symptoms never having allergies before and without any signs of water damage they can see. These situations are all signs of a possible problem. Having a certified mold inspector come and inspect your home will better help identify the situation at hand.

Mold Inspection Companies in Chandler, AZ

Two main kinds of mold testing services we provide are air sampling and surface sampling. Air sampling will identify the different spore types and quantities in your indoor environment. Surface sampling will identify what may or may not be growing on the surface of an item or structural component. Another type of mold test is often referred to as a wall check. This method takes a sample of air from a wall cavity or from under a cabinet system to determine the extent of contamination present.

Testing Your Property for Mold

If you have a concern about mold in your home or in a property you are selling, renting or purchasing, call us for a free phone consultation. Our indoor air quality experts service the Chandler area and more.